Below is a list of important dates coming up. We will hand out a newsletter with the dates. Don’t forget to participate in activities to get points for your house teams!

November 30thCrazy Hair Day-Make your hair silly, wacky and wild!

December 6th-STUDENT Turkey Luncheon-DRESS YOUR BEST for the Students only luncheon!

December 15thChristmas Concert-We hope to see all families out for the Christmas Concert. Students have been working very hard in preparation for this exciting evening.

December 16thLAST DAY BEFORE BREAK– Wear an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER for the last day of school. Be tacky, be unique, be silly!

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AGM 2016

On Wednesday, November 16th, haahuupayak held our AGM. Thank you to the haahuupayak board members for organizing this meeting, as well as staff and community members for joining us and contributing ideas and input for our school. These meetings allow us to review what is happening with our school, as well as discuss future plans. We would like to welcome the new board members, as well as give a thank you to the Charleston family for their beautiful canvas painting they donated to the school. Chuu!


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Congratulations to our wrestlers!

Congratulations to all the wrestlers that participated in our tournement this year. Our students worked very hard and were dedicated during their practice, as well as games. Thank you to Mr.Netzer for coaching our students and helping them become great wrestlers!

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Halloween 2016!

Thank you to all staff and students that participated in our Halloween Celebrations this year! We had a lot of fun and the students enjoyed all the festivities!

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ATTENTION PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: There will be no school this week due to flooding. This decision was made by the board and backed up by the Principal, Tim Harris. School will be back on Monday. Check the Facebook page for additional updates. Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope the families stay safe during this time. chuu!

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October Recognition Assembly 2016

On Wednesday, October 26th the students at haahuupayak had the first recognition assembly of the year. We are very proud of all the students and would like to recognise their hard work!


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Open House 2016

Thank you to all the parents and families for joining us for the 2016 open house! Teachers and staff worked hard preparing this evening and we had a great time.

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Grade 5/6 Mcleans Mill trip

On Wednesday, September 1st the grade 5/6 class joined other classes in the district for a fun filled day at Mcleans Mill! The children learned about salmon, forestry and even got to take a train ride! Thank you to Ms.Serena for planning this cool event, as well as the other E.A’s and Mcleans Mill for organizing this event.

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Sports Day 2016

Thank you to all the students and staff for a very successful Sports Day! The students worked very hard and had a lot of fun. Thank you to the community members and families that came out to cheer haahuupayak on! chuu

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Neill Elementary School Band Performance

On Wednesday, June 1st the Neill Elementary School band came to our school to perform the songs they have been working on all year. This was a great performance that the students really enjoyed. Thank you to Josh Kynoch and Neill Elementary School for performing for us! Chuu

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