Haahuupayak Governance


Haahuupayak is an Independent School with a Class 2 accreditation. We are governed by a Board of Directors including a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Secretary/ Treasurer and 2 directors. New directors are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting on a rotational basis. This process maintains consistency in history, priorities, and progress made by the school. The Board of Directors work directly with the Principal assisting with direction of school, policy development and financial oversight.


For 2019-2020, the community board members include:

John Rampanen – Board Chair

Josh Shaw – Vice Chair

Ian Caplette – Secretary/ Treasure

Mike Watts – Director

Martin Watts – Director


Haahuupayak School Board’s mandate is to provide nurturing and culturally responsive programs for all students to support a solid academic foundation. The board is dedicated in developing and maintaining partnerships with families, communities and organizations throughout the West Coast Region. Working together, these connections support students strengthening their development in leadership, wisdom, spiritual and personal abilities as lifelong learners.


Haahuupayak Board priorities include:

  • Leadership
  • Language and Culture
  • Health and Wellness
  • Effective Instructional Staff
  • Funding